What’s #TGRPCares All About?

June 27, 2023

If you read our most recent Giving Back Spotlight from Q1 2023, you might have noticed our mention of #TGRPCares, a campaign we launched recently. We’re excited about this and eager to share more about it with our TGRP clients, friends, and supporters.

A Little Background on TGRP’s Commitment to “Doing the Right Thing”

Our founder, Mark, set out in 2010 to create a recruiting firm for accounting and finance professionals that was different from its peers—in an industry not always known for ethical practices. Since that time, our company has grown significantly, but our promise to act in the best interests of the people we serve is the same. We care—about our candidates, clients, employees, consultants and community.

Service is a Core TGRP Value

Service is one of our core values at TGRP Solutions (you can learn more about all of our core values here). Our business is rooted in service, of course, but we believe strongly in serving others and our communities as well. We are involved with many organizations that serve a range of people and communities in need, and our employees are often the ones who bring new ideas of nonprofits or causes to help or support. Again, you can catch a glimpse of how we love to help in those Giving Back Spotlights, which we plan to share quarterly.

But service is about more than giving to others. TGRP has strived from the very first day Mark brought an employee on board to be a great place to work. A place where people feel valued and respected, where they can be proud of the work they do and find opportunity for growth and new challenges, and where they can have a little fun while doing it. Serving our clients and community well begins with serving the people who make it all possible: our employees.

It’s Time to Spread the Word

So, back to #TGRPCares. In the last several years, we have been reminded that these efforts can be more impactful if we share more about them. Goodness spreads. The more we can inspire others to care about their communities and the people in their lives, the better. #TGRPCares is our way of bringing together our greater TGRP network to share good news and hopefully have a snowball effect of positivity.

What Our Leaders Say About #TGRP Cares

Here’s what #TGRPCares means to a few of our leadership team members:

“TGRP Solutions is a company that likes to give back. Sponsoring important events that bring people together for worthy causes and supporting organizations financially and through our volunteer efforts are always wonderful, but we think of our role as bigger than that. We want to help make our communities better. We hope to help others make their lives a little better because we know that this is what sincere caring is really all about: people helping people. That’s what the whole #TGRPCares effort means to me personally.”

Katie Halbach, Vice President

“For me, #TGRPCares is about inspiring everyone who works with and for TGRP Solutions to use their time, talents and treasures to do good. I want people to spend their time generously in ways that make situations or others around them better. I hope that whatever talents people discover in themselves, they remember to use them to build up others too. And as we are each fortunate enough to receive treasures, I challenge people to find ways to give as much as they receive.”

Mark Reister, President and Founder

“Our team here at TGRP have community service deeply embedded in our companies DNA. We are drawn to organizations that support kids and families in different challenging situations that we can support not just financially but actually showing up and participating to make a difference.”

Doug Nassif, Director of Placement & Contract Solutions

“I’m always inspired by the Shakespeare quote, ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’ Service is maybe the best way to find fulfillment in life, and the benefit is that it has a positive impact on others. I hope #TGRPCares inspires people to contribute their talents in positive ways.”

Jim Lockhart, Managing Director of Consulting Services

Stay Tuned

You might notice our consultants and employees using the #TGRPCares hashtag on LinkedIn and elsewhere from time to time when we have good news to share about one of our people making an impact. Thanks for following along, and for being part of the TGRP family.

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