About Us

Your Partners in Accounting and Finance Recruiting and Consulting

Since 2010, TGRP Solutions has been trusted by companies throughout Denver to enhance their businesses and by candidates to guide them toward their next great career opportunity.

When Mark Reister founded TGRP Solutions over a decade ago, he set out to change the way the accounting and finance recruiting industry does business. Values like integrity and transparency were fundamental to the TGRP values system from the very beginning, and Mark created a culture that puts people first and builds long-term partnerships with clients.

TGRP Solutions was founded with a commitment to surpassing client and candidate expectations.

We are proud to say that this commitment has not changed—and remains key to who we are and how we operate today.

One Firm, Multiple Solutions

Unlike some accounting and finance solutions firms, TGRP Solutions is equally committed to all three sides of our firm: Direct-Hire Placement, Staff Augmentation and Consulting Solutions.

We recruit full-time job candidates for companies that want to hire the best and brightest into their accounting and finance positions. We also have an in-house team of full-time TGRP Solutions consultants with extensive knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, audit, SOX reporting, transactional support and technology enablement.

For clients with shorter-team project needs, we have contractors who can augment their internal accounting and finance teams on a variety of projects and initiatives.

Direct-Hire Placement

TGRP Solutions began like many firms like ours do. Initially, our focus was on recruiting (direct-hire placement)—that is, helping accounting and finance candidates find their ideal next position and helping clients find best-fit employees. We partner with our clients, which range from privately held to publicly traded companies throughout the Denver metro area, to help them recruit and hire the most highly qualified professionals to join their accounting and finance departments.

Our recruiting team gets to know candidates seeking placement as individuals, understanding their job history, goals, career and life priorities, must-haves, and more. Our business development team works with the companies that hire these individuals, getting to know them in much the same way. We want to understand their businesses, their goals, their culture, and their roadmap for the future, among other elements that matter most to the employees that work within these companies.

Staff Augmentation

The Contract Services division of TGRP Solutions suits the needs of companies that require short-term staffing solutions. There are times when our clients have an employee out on maternity, paternity, or short-term disability leave. Our contractors can help the accounting department or finance department fill a temporary gap in personnel or achieve a project goal. They can also provide additional bandwidth during busy times of growth.

Consulting Solutions

The Consulting Solutions division of TGRP Solutions was founded in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the premier accounting and finance consulting practices on the Front Range of Denver. Our consultants are highly experienced, with an average of 15+ years of experience. Most have a Big 4 public accounting background, and are experienced working in complex environments. We help organizations manage complex accounting issues, implement process improvements, meet deadlines, prepare for their audits or SOX audits, improve morale, build confidence, and find a competitive edge.

Trust is at the Core

Our clients want a reliable partner that they can trust, but we recognize that trust is earned, not given. We build relationships with both candidates and clients, and we nurture those relationships so that we can provide dependable services to both professionals striving to further their careers and clients that are building great teams. The entire TGRP Solutions team is committed to earning candidates’ and clients’ trust and respect by staying true to our values and upholding our vision and mission.

Our values are integrity, honesty and transparency.

Our vision is to surpass clients’ and candidates’ expectations to deliver partnered success.

Our mission is to work with people and companies who understand that integrity, teamwork, and proper communication coupled with excellent accounting and finance professionals lead to a shared success and allow for professional and personal growth.

The TGRP Advantage

The TGRP advantage is our people. Many of our team members started their careers in public accounting and have held leadership roles within accounting, finance and audit departments in large, complex organizations. With all that experience, we understand what it takes to build and run a highly efficient team that can support the CFO and their various strategic initiatives within the organization.