Dedicated Service to Fit Every Client

Since 2010, TGRP Solutions has worked with many leading Denver-area companies and thousands of talented accounting and finance professionals.

Our commitment to our clients, candidates, consultants and contractors is to help them be successful.

We help companies that are building their teams or those that need additional support through a growth period or big project. We offer Direct-Hire Placement, Staff Augmentation, and Consulting Solutions for companies across the Denver metro area.

Direct-Hire Placement

Companies turn to TGRP to help them identify the very best talent to join their companies. Candidates rely on us to have our finger on the pulse of the Denver job market and connect them to their next employer when the time is right. Our recruiting and placement process is thoughtful and thorough because we understand how personal a career is—and how a company’s people are what make it great. Our goal is to help companies find the best candidates for their roles and help professionals advance their careers at organizations where they feel valued, challenged and fulfilled.

Learn more about TGRP’s Direct-Hire Placement services, how we can help you fill your full-time position, and how to submit your resume if you’d like to meet with one of our recruiters about taking the next step in your career.

Staff Augmentation

When your company is short staffed and needs a few extra hands to help you take on a neglected project or get through a busy period, TGRP Solutions has you covered. Our Staff Augmentation services can provide fully screened contract resources with the skills you need. There’s no plug-and-play approach here. The contractors we place in client engagements are highly experienced—many with CPAs and a decade or more of experience—and in between career stops but excited about building their aptitudes and making a difference. We can move quickly too, so that you can get the right person onboarded and supporting your business as soon as possible.

Learn more about TGRP’s Staff Augmentation services, how to hire one of our temporary, short-term contractors, and how to submit your resume if you’re interested in contract work yourself.

Consulting Solutions

At TGRP Solutions, we know that the success of your accounting or finance project depends on the skills and knowledge of the people tasked with that project. Our Consulting Solutions group is comprised of highly skilled consultants with backgrounds in Big 4 public accounting, publicly traded companies, and private companies large and small. Our custom approach means that you can engage professionals who know your business, your industry and your challenges and can deliver tailored services that support you—whether you need help improving an accounting process, preparing for an audit or researching a complex technical accounting issue.

Learn more about TGRP’s Consulting Solutions, how to engage one of our consultants at your company, and how to submit your resume if you’re looking to join the TGRP Consulting Solutions team.

Trust is at the Core

Our clients want a reliable partner that they can trust, but we recognize that trust is earned, not given. We build relationships with both candidates and clients, and we nurture those relationships so that we can provide dependable services to both professionals striving to further their careers and clients that are building great teams. The entire TGRP Solutions team is committed to earning candidates’ and clients’ trust and respect by staying true to our values and upholding our vision and mission.

Our values are integrity, honesty and transparency.

Our vision is to surpass clients’ and candidates’ expectations to deliver partnered success.

Our mission is to work with people and companies who understand that integrity, teamwork, and proper communication coupled with excellent accounting and finance professionals lead to a shared success and allow for professional and personal growth.