You’ll Notice the Difference

TGRP Solutions is not like other recruiting and consulting firms, and that’s by design. We set out to be different when we started our company in 2010, driven by a sincere desire to bring the values of ethics and transparency in all we do.

Our Success is Our People

We know, we know. Many companies say this, but in a business where our product is our people, it is our TGRP mantra: our people are everything. Put simply, we seek out the best accounting and finance talent in the Denver market and we stay connected to them throughout the course of their careers. We have often helped candidates find the next position more than once in their careers. And because we have stayed true to our values, we’ve earned the trust of many rising professionals and the companies that hire them. Today, we are proud to be one of the premier accounting and finance recruiting and consulting firms in Colorado. Our success comes from the desire to create long-standing relationships.

You’ll Never Meet a Candidate We Don’t Think Fits Your Business

Before you ever see our candidates, we’ve already put in hours, days and weeks networking, recruiting, and screening hundreds of passive and active job seekers to bring you the best fit for the position for which you’re hiring. Our referral-based network of professionals is vast and growing, which means you’ll always have access to Denver’s best and brightest accounting and finance professionals, whether you’re hiring a full-time employee, a consultant, or a temporary staffing solution.

What is Proactive Recruiting?

TGRP Solutions’ recruiting team is proactive in our approach because we know that things change quickly.

By that we mean that people change jobs, get promoted, move cities, and adapt their goals and desires. We want to be in the know about our candidate pool. What do we mean by proactive recruiting? That means:


recruiting phone calls and online connections daily


detailed conversations and phone screenings daily


potential candidates


in-depth personal interviews – focused on hard and soft skills


top candidates sent to you

Our recruiting process also includes thorough references which we complete before a candidate reaches an offer stage.

We also educate our clients about the market and trends we are seeing as well as how they can be competitive to bring on the best talent.