Staffing Services

On-Demand Accounting and Finance Support for Short-Term Needs

TGRP Solutions has you covered.

Many companies experience times of low capacity and high demand, and that’s where TGRP Solutions’ Staffing Services can assist. We have access to skilled accounting and finance contractors who can provide you the added capacity you need, help you tackle that neglected cleanup project or support a big initiative. This can be a cost savings for you when you need additional help but don’t have the approval (or don’t need) to hire a full-time employee.

Are You in Between Positions and Interested in Contract Work?

The Benefits
of Contracting

Often, we place highly experienced accounting and finance professionals in temporary contract positions, so don’t assume that being a contractor is only for entry-level accountants. The roles that come across our Staffing Services team’s desks are appealing to those with a few years of experience as well as those with decades under their belts. Why? Here are some of the benefits of considering a temporary contract position through TGRP’s Staffing Services:

If You Need Temporary Resources, Consider TGRP’s Staffing Services

If you’re on the company side, perhaps you’ve used staffing agencies in the past with mediocre results. Rest assured, the TGRP Solutions commitment to exceeding client expectations holds true within our Staffing Services area as well.

We’ll first work closely with you to understand what you are looking for in a contractor, your budget, your timeframe and all other details. We interview all contractor candidates thoroughly to understand their strengths, areas of experience and other assets and only present our clients with prospective candidates who are dedicated, diligent and would be a good fit for their project needs.

Types of Staffing Roles

For professionals who are in between jobs or simply like the flexibility of contract work, our goal is to help you find a temporary position that furthers your skill set.

TGRP Solutions fills contract positions in a variety of areas. These are a few examples of the types of tasks and projects Staffing Services contractors are asked to work on: