Six Reasons to Consider Consulting for Your Next Career Move

February 9, 2022

Looking for a new and exciting challenge? Are you at a point in your career where you’d like a little more flexibility and variety in your daily work? If you’re nodding your head to these questions, consulting might be for you.

There are many reasons to try consulting at some point in your accounting/finance career. Here are six of the most common that we see at TGRP Solutions:

  1. You can be strategic. One of the biggest reasons consulting is such a great opportunity is that it often puts you in a position to help a company solve pressing issues and make big decisions. You can work alongside leaders and management and offer your insight. If you have an area of expertise, even better. Many companies seek specialized, outside help from consultants who are skilled in certain areas—think ASC842 or revenue recognition rules, for example.
  2. Challenge. Consulting engagements are often focused and fast-paced, which means you’ll gain new knowledge quickly. This is great for resume building and it also means you’ll get the chance to decide what kind of work you like and what kind of work you don’t like. You’ll be challenged with learning new information fast and applying it to your consulting clients.
  3. Variety. If you’ve spent your entire career in one industry or functional area, consulting presents a chance to test the waters. You can take on shorter and longer engagements with different focuses and niches. If you’ve worked in financial services for a long time, you might have an interest in exploring an adjacent industry or something entirely different.
  4. You can look to your past experience for areas of expertise. Every professional has subjects that they know well, and consulting is a great way to reflect on your career and all that you’ve learned. Not only is that a confidence boost, it is a fantastic way to recognize your strengths and assets.
  5. Exposure. Now, this might not be your goal, but if you’re open to the idea, you might appreciate the fact that consulting engagements can open new doors. You might be able to earn the trust of a client so much so that they carve out a new position for you, or you might find yourself enjoying a company so much that you decide to seek opportunities to join them full time.
  6. Consulting builds your professional network. This added bonus is one you’ll appreciate as you advance in your career. Working as a consultant in different companies, you’ll get to know different people at different levels of the organization. You’ll often work with people in leadership roles—even CEOs and company owners. This can lead to strong relationships that will last throughout your career and create future opportunities.

How do you get started with consulting? You could approach companies where you have contacts, former employers or colleagues and start out on your own, but there are advantages to joining a firm like TGRP Solutions.

Our executive-level consultants support the CFO organization through times of growth, challenging periods, for special projects, to offer specific expertise and more. When you join the TGRP Consulting Solutions team, you are hired on as a full-time professional with benefits and support. That support includes colleagues with whom you can discuss everything from project challenges to future goals. Another huge benefit? Working with TGRP Solutions gives you access to industries and engagements you might not have considered or had the opportunity to consider before.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your career goals, hear more about why you want to explore consulting, and discuss why TGRP Solutions could be a great fit.

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