Is Hiring Challenging? Four Reasons to Lean on Consultants

February 17, 2022

We’ve talked on this blog before about the impact of the mass exodus of workers from the workforce during the pandemic, otherwise known as the “Great Resignation.” This stark reality has hit many industries hard, and employers everywhere are talking about the challenges of hiring. Specifically, there are fewer people seeking jobs.

CNBC says that some are taking a temporary break due to burnout brought on by the pandemic, while others are searching for better pay or the ability to work remotely. To entice people to fill their open positions, many employers are resorting to signing bonuses, remote work arrangements for those who want it, and better support for personal development (read: better work-life balance).

An alternative: lean on consultants

One option available to you if you’ve struggled to find the right skill set or talent for your open accounting or finance position: hire external consultants.

Consultants are a great solution to help you fill gaps in your staff. Perhaps you need to get through a busy time, or maybe you need someone with a particular expertise. Chances are, TGRP Solutions has a consultant to help you fill your need—whether that’s a project or to backfill a position you’ve had trouble hiring.

Aside from the obvious—filling a need—there are many benefits to hiring a consultant. Here are a few:

  1. The process is quick. It can take weeks or months to recruit, interview, hire and onboard a new employee into your accounting or finance department. Consultants are often able to start quickly and can get right to work on whatever you need them to. You can prioritize your most pressing projects or needs and put a consultant on them immediately upon hire.
  2. They can fill a precise need. If you’ve been unable to find the right person with the right skill set for your full-time role, a consultant with specific expertise might be ideal. Often, consultants bring experience and insight from a variety of companies and different positions. They might be overqualified for your full-time job, but this is a bonus when you want someone who can get up to speed quickly and do anything you need. Alternately, some consultants are experts in specific areas—such as Sarbanes-Oxley or revenue recognition.
  3. It can save you money. Sometimes, a consultant can supplement your staff and save you a lot over hiring a full-time employee with benefits. You won’t have to deal with payroll taxes or funding that 401k.
  4. Consultants can spark much-needed change. Unlike employees, consultants aren’t as concerned about blending in with their peers as much—so if a shakeup is what your organization needs, you’re more likely to get that with a consultant vs. a new employee. They can tackle those sticky projects that others have been too busy to deal with and not worry as much about ruffling feathers. They can bring objectivity to the table. Of course, the right consultant will be adept at working well with management. The point is that a consultant will do whatever you want them to do—even if that’s dealing with problems.

How TGRP Solutions can help your organization

Whether you need someone to fill a role you’ve been unable to hire, make improvements, complete a long-neglected project or something else, TGRP Solutions can help.

Learn more about what our TGRP consulting team can do for you as you deal with the fallout of the Great Resignation. Our consultants are experienced and skilled in many different areas. They can help you on an ongoing basis and some are even willing to consider full-time positions too. Contact us today.

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