Direct-Hire Placement

High-Quality Recruiting Services for Accounting and Finance

As far as recruiting firms go, TGRP Solutions is different. Our values drive all that we do, and we take a very proactive approach in our Direct-Hire Placement service area, establishing relationships with professionals to help them guide and navigate their careers.

We take that same personal approach in cultivating our relationships with our clients—the companies that hire our full-time candidates. We know that both on the candidate side and the company side, a good fit is everything.

Are You Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity?

For candidates looking for their next great position, we strive to be transparent and honest throughout the entire recruiting process.

We want to get to know YOU and help you find not just any job, but the right job where you will be happy and fulfilled and a great contributor. We’ll answer your questions thoroughly—about your salary expectations, culture and environment priorities (and what to expect at different companies), what you’re seeking for your career long term, and much more. During our initial consultation (and all conversations thereafter), we’ll seek to understand things like:

If you’re ready to take the next step, submit your resume today. You’ll hear from one of our recruiters within 24 hours—guaranteed.

Are You Looking to Hire Great Accounting and Finance Talent?

For companies seeking to build your team, we want to help you not just fill a role but find the right person for that role. We know that involves an extensive discovery process wherein we get to know your organization and put ourselves in the shoes of the people who work there.

If you’re ready to discuss your open accounting or finance position(s), contact us today.

 One of our business development executives will reach out to discuss your position, your company, and how we can help you find top talent in Denver to join your team.

Our Areas of Expertise

TGRP Solutions fills full-time positions at all levels of the accounting and finance organization. These are some of the positions we recruit for and have filled successfully: