Benefits of Working with Accounting Recruiters in Your Job Search

December 16, 2022

So, you’re beginning a job search to find your next great opportunity, strengthen your resume, earn a new title, and increase your salary. The job search process is one you should approach thoughtfully and carefully—and working with accounting and finance recruiters can offer many advantages.

Here are several reasons to consider engaging TGRP Solutions – one of Denver’s well-known accounting recruiting firms that focus exclusive on accounting/finance roles – in your job search:

You’ll gain access to companies you wouldn’t know otherwise. We work with some of the best companies in Denver, which benefits you when you’re looking for a new position. The relationships we have with hiring managers and various companies are likely different than the ones you’ve established thus far in your career. That means you get access to our network, and we can introduce you to companies where we think you’ll succeed and be a great fit with the company culture.

Recruiters are truly working on your behalf. Accounting recruitment agencies have two clients: the candidates searching for jobs and the employers that have engaged the recruiter to fill open accounting and finance positions. Our team wants to help you find your next happy home, and we want to help our clients make excellent, long-lasting hires. Unlike other accounting recruiting firms in Denver, we seek out the best accounting and finance talent in Denver and maintain a long-term relationship with them for as long as they’re in the profession. Our goal is to work with you for years to come!  

If you’re still employed, recruiters save you valuable time. If you’ve ever tried to search for a new career opportunity while still working full time, it’s not easy. A recruiter can make this process much more efficient. At TGRP Solutions, we get to know our candidates well to learn about their skills, goals, qualifications, and background, as well as what they’re really looking for in their next job and employer. We only present you with opportunities that meet your “must-have” list of criteria, which is good for both you and the companies who engage us to bring them the best job candidates.

We hold your hand through the process. Connecting best-in-class candidates and Denver employers is what we do, but we also recognize that most professionals appreciate guidance through the job search process. We act as your “job coach” while you’re working with us. We evaluate your resume (for free) and offer suggestions to make it the very best it can be. We prepare you for every interview with interview tips and important details about the company, the position, the company culture, and the person with whom you’ll be interviewing.

Everything is confidential. Working with accounting recruiters is confidential, so it makes it easier for you to feel comfortable searching for a new job while you’re still employed. Engaging a recruiter also removes you as the candidate from any potentially awkward scenarios—such as interviewing with a company that is a competitor of your current employer. Your recruiter handles logistics like interview arranging, making this all more private and comfortable. And by the way, we’ll never send your resume to a client unsolicited. Ever.

If you’re not great at negotiating details, rest assured: your recruiter is! Recruiters are experts at the salary and benefits negotiation process, and can help you handle this professionally and to your benefit. If we present your resume to a client and they want to interview you for a position, we’ll also handle discussions about other benefits that are important to you—like flexible work options such as working from home a couple days a week.

Recruiters have a finger on the pulse of the job market. Our job is to learn the Denver job market for accounting and finance professionals, and in working with our team of professional recruiters, you benefit from this insight. We know the landscape in terms of hiring challenges, different companies’ cultures and expectations of their employees, and how quickly the interview and negotiation process is (or isn’t) moving. We’ll offer up options and ideas that perhaps you haven’t considered, like becoming a consultant for a wide range of companies. Most of all, we will help you navigate the job search process to move yourself into the best situation possible.

The further along you move in your career, the more important it is to be thorough and intentional about the companies you choose to join. Finding a job is about much more than finding a job, after all! Professional recruiters like those at TGRP Solutions can help you approach the job search process and make the best decisions for your career. We know what your career means to you and our clients are some of the best companies to work for in Denver, CO. Let us help you find your next position in accounting or finance. Contact us today to discuss your career goals and what you’re looking for. We’d be honored to work with you!

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