11 Reasons to Celebrate 11 Years of TGRP Solutions

November 11, 2021

TGRP Solutions achieved an amazing milestone in 2020: 10 years in business…but the COVID-19 pandemic distracted us from celebrating properly! Now that our 11-year anniversary is upon us, let’s talk about 11 reasons we’re celebrating how far we’ve come:

  1. We’re continuing to grow. In the last 11 years, we’ve expanded significantly.  Not only do we offer a Placement and Staffing service that helps clients find the most highly qualified professionals for their full-time accounting and finance roles, but we have also built and grown a Consulting Division with more than 30 full-time consultants.
  2. We work with top talent in the Denver market. Denver is a hot market as we all know, which means we attract really great talent. That creates an incredible talent pool for many industries and a strong demand for accounting and finance professionals. We’re very proud to have earned the trust of many companies here in the Denver metro area because of the caliber of candidates we recruit.  We also have a highly talented consulting team of full-time TGRP Solutions employees. Our consultants offer Big 4, large public, and privately held company experience and have worked for some of the top firms in Colorado.
  3. Our values mean everything. At TGRP Solutions, our values system drives everything we do. We strive to hire the best people, create value for our clients and act with integrity, always. We live by this code of ethics and are committed to doing right by our clients and being the partner they know they can trust. We recognize that the recruiting industry does not always earn the best reputation for its moral compass. We set out to be different 11 years ago and have built a business that puts people first!
  4. We honor flexibility in our work environment. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we embraced the idea that our employees do not need to be physically in our offices every hour of the day to be successful contributors to our success. Many TGRP employees have families, and we strongly believe that family comes first. There’s a benefit to our company and our employees having a flexible work arrangement.
  5. We’ve emulated the best company cultures. An advantage of working in recruiting and consulting is that you are constantly exposed to new company environments. We’ve seen many admirable company cultures that we want to model ourselves after, and we do! We want to be an organization that rewards its employees with competitive pay, opportunities for growth and new challenges, a supportive environment, and continued support towards success.
  6. Our consultants get to work on a variety of projects. Consultants enjoy TGRP Solutions because no day looks exactly the same. We have clients large and small, public and private, that engage our consultants to work on all kinds of different project engagements, including process improvement, technical accounting, SEC reporting, general ledger cleanup, IPO readiness and more!
  7. The work is gratifying. We have the unique opportunity to become a part of our clients’ companies by helping them fill a need or achieve a goal, and that is a rewarding feeling. Often, our consultants work with clients for an extended period of time and become an extension of their teams. When recruiting candidates, we get to help them discover their next chapter and make a change. We establish and maintain long-term relationships with clients and candidates and support them in one of the most important parts of their lives: their careers.
  8. We make clients happy. While financial metrics are essential for any business, for the TGRP Solutions team, we know we’re doing well when our clients are satisfied. And in 11 years, we continue to hear from clients that we listen to their needs, provide the best candidates for their full-time roles and backfill needs, are quick to respond, and have a great client appreciation program (e.g., our annual party and other events). And if our clients are happy, we are happy!
  9. We are committed to a sustainable model. Too often, recruiting employees is an afterthought for companies, which are busy doing what they do best. We want to be your partner for the long term, and we take a sustainable approach to this. That means we are continually building our talent pool of recruiting candidates and consultants who work for us full time. We stay in touch with clients to ensure their needs are being met from a personnel standpoint. And we never forget that relationships are what we do best.
  10. We have the greatest clients. If there’s anything we want to celebrate most of all, it is our amazing clients with which we are privileged to work. Our firm is regularly engaged by some of the best companies in Colorado and we consider it an honor and privilege to help them achieve their goals. Our clients range from small-to-mid-size privately held companies to Fortune 100 companies. We work with the “cream of the crop” in Denver, which reminds us how important it is that we exceed their expectations. Bottom line: our clients make us better.
  11. We’re hiring! After 11 years in business, we’re thrilled to share that we’re still looking to hire amazing people—the demand is greater than ever. If you are interested in joining our Consulting Division, contact us with your resume and experience and we’ll reach out. In 2022, our vision is to expand our consulting team significantly—and we are actively recruiting great people to join us. If you are a candidate seeking a full-time job, connect with us. We’d love to learn about what kind of company environment you’re seeking, your professional goals, how you define success and more.

Thank you for 11 incredible years, Denver, and the many clients, candidates and consultants who have been a part of the journey! We look forward to the next chapter.

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