Maggie Lugo

Business Development and Recruiting Executive- Consulting Services

ABOUT Maggie

Maggie Lugo serves as the Director of Consulting Operations at TGRP Solutions.  She is a strong leader who helps run consulting services.   I love solving client problems, which is why I have transitioned to consulting. At TGRP, I enjoy combining the firm’s diverse suite of proven finance solutions with client needs.

A large part of my role is identifying new business opportunities – that means working in new markets, creating new partnerships with other businesses, and finding new ways to reach existing markets.  Each and every client situation is unique, and I enjoy delving into our clients’ worlds to fully understand their problems, help them evaluate multiple options and, ultimately, assist them in successfully reaching their milestones or nailing business objectives.

Maggie is a New York City native who has called Denver “home” over the last 11 years.  She and her husband relocated to enjoy the outdoors and Denver lifestyle.  Her favorite time is spent with her family as she is a mother to two beautiful kiddos, Ryan and Olivia.


Core Competencies