Meet Megan Rodman, Finance and Accounting Recruiter

July 7, 2022

Recruiting wasn’t Megan Rodman’s first career. From working as a Certified Nurse Aide to running a beauty salon to working her way up at a dog boarder/daycare, Megan’s career path is unique. But there’s one common theme: she has always poured her heart into every job she’s had. Meet Megan, who sets the bar high when it comes to being that friendly voice on the phone.

What’s your background?

I am a native of Colorado who was born and raised in Wheat Ridge. After high school, I didn’t go to college right away. My mom and stepdad moved to Arkansas and my dad moved to Missouri. Meanwhile, I got my Certified Nurse Aide license and I worked in home health care in Denver for a while, but it wasn’t for me, so I ended up moving to Arkansas while I figured it all out.

You returned to Colorado soon thereafter?

In Arkansas, I started taking some online classes through the Community College of Denver, but I was going to be paying out-of-state tuition, so I moved back to Colorado. I got an Associate of Science and transferred to Metro, where I got my degree in biology in 2018.

What’s your pre-TGRP professional background?

While I was in college at Metro State, I got a job working at City Bark. Unintentionally, I worked my way up and when a General Manager position opened up at our Lodo location, I applied and was hired. It was a great opportunity, but when City Bark was purchased, I came across a smaller company, Ella Bliss Beauty Bar, and I was hired there as the manager. This was right before I graduated college.

So, you gained some great management and operations experience.

I really did. I worked at Ella Bliss Beauty Bar for four years, and I was given complete ownership of running our Denver Tech Center location. I was responsible for building vendor relationships and customer service and overall management.

What led you to TGRP Solutions?

My husband is an accountant and one of the recruiters was trying to recruit him for a position they were filling! He told me he thought I would make a great recruiter. The timing was good for me to make a change, as my company was expanding and I knew I would miss the small, familial environment. So, I looked into it and ended up applying and getting hired!

What stood out to you about TGRP?

The personal vibe and the awesome people. This company really appreciates work-life balance and values team players.

What do you love about recruiting now that you’ve been doing it for almost a year?

I love the impact we can make on people’s lives. It’s so great when you’re working with a candidate and you get to call them and extend them an offer. I love making people happy and hearing them get excited about how their life and career will change for the better. I also love the relationships we have as a team at TGRP. It’s like a family here.

What’s your silly-but-real job title?

The Little Engine That Could

Five strengths you bring to the table?

I’m an optimist, I reassure people when they are worried or down, I am relatable, I like to have fun, and I’m creative.

Words to live by?

You’ll never know until you try.

Any little-known facts about you?

I love archery. My uncle got me into it, and I’m not bad!

What are you passionate about?

Work is a big part of who I am. So, I’m definitely passionate about my job. I’m also passionate about trying to help today’s youth, and I help out with my church’s middle school youth group.

You love to travel: what’s your top three trips and top three places on your bucket list?

I loved Hawaii, Mexico, and Florida, and I am going to the Bahamas in the fall. And one day, I want to go to Greece.

Many years from now, what legacy do you hope you’ve left?

I hope I’m remembered as someone who never gave up and who had a good time while doing it.

Where do you think TGRP will be 5-10 years from now?

I think TGRP will be one of the leading recruiting firms in Colorado. We are always looking for ways to be different and innovative, and to build meaningful relationships with everyone we meet. That is what sets us apart from other recruiting and consulting agencies.

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